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April - 2016

Sat 30/4-16 - Sun 1/5-16
Milongas, Workshops, classes, exhibitions and much more!

Sat 30/4-16 - Sun 1/5-16
First edition of the International Tango Festival in Metz. Three couples of maestros, three orchestras, four DJs. A concert show and four milongas.

Sat 30/4-16 - Mon 2/5-16
United Kingdom
Join the 2016 edition of CHE LONDON Tango festival, a 4-day superb tango event offering 27 workshops from 8 teaching couples, 4 evening milongas, and much more in the English capital. 50+ hours of dancing during the 4 days of the festival!

CHE's lineup:
- Cristina Sosa & Daniel Nacucchio... >>>

Sat 30/4-16 - Tue 3/5-16
Sevastopol TangoVera Festival 2016
"Letras De Tango" invites everyone for the spring "Sevastopol TangoVera Festival 2016", which will take place in Sevastopol from 29 April to 3 May 2016.

May days in Sevastopol is a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city and its surroundings when the... >>>

Sat 30/4-16 - Sun 1/5-16
Tango Fiesta 2016 with exclusive musicality course by Maestro Horacio Godoy: how to dance orquestras of "the second line" - Calo, D'Agostino, Tanturri, as well as Guardia Vieja etc. Lessons and milongas in friendly atmosphere in cozy place; we are open for everybody who loves tango as the way of the life!

Sat 30/4-16 - Mon 2/5-16

Sat 30/4-16 - Sun 1/5-16
2 World Champions are with us!!!
Juan Malizia & Manuela Rossi
Max Van de... >>>

Sat 30/4-16
SARDEGNA TANGO MARATHON Organizzano Eloy Souto e Laura Elizondo Juan Marchetti e Natalia Manca DJ Giò Il Fuz Sabato 30 Aprile presso Centro Congressi Hotel L’Anfora s.s. 131 Km 103, Tramatza (OR). Quota di partecipazione € 30 La quota comprende Ingresso alla Milonga dalle 17.00 alle 21.00 e dalle 22.30 alle 03.00 Acqua e frutta durante la Milonga de la tarde Cena dalle ore 21.00 alle 22.30 con menù fisso MENU CENA: mare: 1° fregola ai frutti di mare 2° calamari fritti + patate fritte terra: 1° malloreddus alla campidanese 2° arrosto dI vitellone + patate fritte... >>>


May - 2016

Sun 1/5-16
BENIDORM TANGO FESTIVAL, a great Festival of embraces for all the Tangueros of the world.
Tango lessons with the World Champions, and 14 milongas in the mornings, evenings and nights. 90% of the music will be traditional, with very good Tango DJ'S, assuring the quality of all themes.

In the nigths, the Milongas will be held in a beautiful and spectacular great Salon of 1000 m2, the "Palace of Crystal", placed inside the... >>>

Sun 1/5-16 - Sun 8/5-16
TangoSafari invites you to a special Tango festival in the early Tuscan summer:
Discovering Tango - winding down with Pilates and Yoga
10 teachers - 60 workshops - eight days of dancing, feasting, playing and enjoying life

The program and highligths:
For eight days we will be exploring the world of Tango. A wide... >>>

Tue 3/5-16 - Sun 8/5-16
Bordeaux Cité Tango Festival presents its 4th edition from the 3rd to the 8th of May 2016! The city will welcome you again with the sound of tango!
Like a link betwen Bordeaux and Buenos Aires... This festival was designed as a space-time of discoveries, parties and exchanges. We will offer you a... >>>

Wed 4/5-16 - Sun 8/5-16
5 nights and 4 afternoons of pure dancing pleasure in beautiful Vienna, Austria!
Take classes with our wonderful Maestros this year:
Roxana Suarez & Sebastian Achaval
Adriadna Naveira &... >>>

Wed 4/5-16 - Sun 8/5-16

45 hours of dancing on 8 milonga ....Afternoon - Evening and Cool Down
By buying a milongapass you save 27 euro compared to the price for single tickets.

Register now at to ensure a... >>>

Thu 5/5-16 - Sun 8/5-16
Festivalito Tangoprimavera Zürich
Four days of Tango in the heart of Zurique!
Milongas, Afternoon-Milongas, Performances, Workshops with famous and fantastic artists and dedicated teachers.
We are looking forward to welcome you in Zurique.

Thu 5/5-16 - Sun 8/5-16
4th Encuentro de Tango Salon with CARLOS PEREZ & ROSA FORTE

from MAY 5th to 8th 2016 - in LIEGE (Belgium)

4 Days - 12 Workshops* - 4 Milongas**

with ORCHESTRA on SATURDAY night: "La Clasica Chiqué"
& DJ Jens-Ingo Brodesser... >>>

Thu 5/5-16 - Sun 8/5-16
Europa, be ready!!!

After Misterio Tango Buenos Aires, Gaston TORELLI will take the best energy to bring for Misterio Tango Francia!

THE argentinian festival for the first edition in Europa.... France ... TOURS in... >>>

Fri 6/5-16 - Sun 8/5-16

Welcome to the land of Souvlaki!

30 hours of pure... >>>

Sat's 7/5-16 - 13/8-16
United States
Basic Principles of Argentine Tango: 5/7/16 - 6/4/16
Musical Movement I For Argentine Tango: 6/11/16 - 7/9/16
Musical Movement II for Argentine Tango: 7/16/16 - 8/13/16

I recommend you take the classes in... >>>

Tue 10/5-16, Mon 16/5-16
EMBRACE BERLIN TangoCommunityFestival >English >Espanol >Francais >Türkçe >Russian >Greek
Getanzt wird von Dienstag bis Montag (fast) rund um die Uhr in mehr als 25 lokalen Milongas, Tango Cafés, Praktikas, Workshops, After-Work Milongas, Tangonächten und After-Hours.
Dabei kooperieren Tänzer, Veranstalter, DJs, Schulen, Lehrer, Musiker, Künstler und Kulturschaffende. Wir wollen vor allem eines: TANGO RUND UM DIE UHR! Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Thu 12/5-16, Sun 15/5-16
International Tango Festival & Marathon
12-15 May 2016

“Join us at the fascinating atmosphere of the Grand Hotel Vanvitelli in Caserta”
A special... >>>

Thu 12/5-16 - Mon 16/5-16
Tango Festival Karlsruhe 2016
This tango festival is a classic with a legendary status and one of Europe´s finest. Maestros and orchestra of the highest quality, wonderfull venues, wooden floors, afternoon and night milongas with highly experienced and famous djs. A not-to-be-missed event.

Thu 12/5-16 - Mon 16/5-16
5 days of tango, tango, tango - classic and modern

Sat 14/5-16 - Mon 16/5-16
14. – 16.05.2016: Pfingst-Tangofestival Luzern, Switzerland
Workshops with Natalia Lavandeira & Roberto Reis, Marina Lienhardt & Julio Mendez
Saturday 14. Mai – Lessons – Danceshow – Milonga with Livemusic Duo Ranas from Argentina – Pfarreisaal Hof
Sunday 15. Mai – Lessons – Danceshow – Milonga with Livemusic Solo Tango Cuarteto from Russia – Hotel Seeburg Luzern
Monday 16. Mai –... >>>

Mon 16/5-16, Sun 22/5-16
Festival Nevskaya milonga 2016!
Dear, tangeros !

We are glad to inform you:

XII International Festival of Argentine tango " Nevskaya milonga 2016 " will be held from 16 to 22 May in the city where all dreams come true !

Teachers of
DNI Tango Escuela school - maestros... >>>

Mon 16/5-16, Sun 22/5-16
Nevkaya milonga 2016!
Dear, tangeros !

We are glad to inform you:

XII International Festival of Argentine tango " Nevskaya milonga 2016 " will be held from 16 to 22 May in the city where all dreams come true !

Teachers of
DNI Tango Escuela school - maestros of the festival visited... >>>

Mon 16/5-16, Thu 9/6-16, Sat 11/6-16
Toronto Tango Festival is a four day celebration of Argentine Tango, with workshops for all levels, practicas, milongas, performances and more. Explore and enrich your passion for this captivating dance at the biggest Argentine Tango event in Toronto.


Wed 18/5-16 - Sat 21/5-16
With the continuing collaboration of the Embassy of Argentina
to the United Arab Emirates we are happy to announce the

8th Dubai Tango Festival dates MAY 18-21, 2016

Come and enjoy a unique and... >>>

Fri 20/5-16 - Sun 22/5-16
BBTango Festival are two of the biggest music stars of tango straight from Buenos Aires two days - will play for you TWO BANDS:
on May 20 Sexteto Milonguero and 21 May Tanghetto.

3 days - 2 teams - one TANGO!
Sexteto Milonguero & Tanghetto
In the weekend -... >>>

Fri 20/5-16 - Sun 22/5-16
Welcome to SPQR Tango Marathon Roma

Our main aim is give the opportunity to dancers from many countries to meet other dancers on a similar level of dancing and at the same time have a relaxing and pleasurable time together with good italian food and drinks... >>>

Fri 20/5-16 - Sun 22/5-16
We welcome you to enjoy 3 days of tango at the fantastic place on the Dnipro river in the historical heart of Kyiv

27 hours of great music provided by 5... >>>

Fri 20/5-16 - Sun 22/5-16
Welcome to the 8th Bergen Milonga Weekend!

The concept is geniously simple. Four long milongas, plus afterparty. No registration. Wonderful music and a lot of dancing. We will again ask everyone to change partners during cortinas. This ensures that all dancers are free at the same... >>>

Sat 21/5-16 - Sun 29/5-16
Holiday & Tango Together
1 week Incredible Vacation in Beautiful Turkey
12 hours... >>>

Wed 25/5-16 - Sun 29/5-16
13th edition! Featuring 3 amazing couples of Maestros once again: Gustavo Naveira y Giselle, Anne, Fabian Salas y Lola Diaz and Joe Corbata y Lucila Cionci
Seminar, workshops, conference and milongas

Thu 26/5-16 - Mon 30/5-16
Lets welcome summer days dancing tango till the sunrise in our favourite hall of the hotel “Sudak” from 26 to 31 May. Great dancefloor, super DJs, delicious Crimean food, wine, sunny atmosphere and a sea breeze – what could be better? It can be only all of this with tango friends!

In addition to milongas fascinating guided tours, Argentine folklore classes, useful exercises from Yury Shtykin, boat trips and, of course, recreation near the sea are planned. We’d like to maintain gender balance, so please find a partner for the marathon registration, which opens at midnight Moscow time (UTC+3) on January 15th.

Thu 26/5-16, Sun 29/5-16
4th Sofia Tango Festival
26 – 29 May, 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Tango Friends,

Bulgaria Tango Association is happy to... >>>

Thu 26/5-16 - Sun 29/5-16
Second Edition of Antwerpen Tango Festival, bringing 6 of the best argentinian Maestros Couples. Some of the well known names are: Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes, Nito & Elba, Ezequiel Paludi & Geraldine Rojas, Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside, among others really talented couples.
41 hours of Milonga, 3 live orchestras, International Djs, Asado, Friendy Ambience.

Fri 27/5-16 - Sun 29/5-16
United States
World-Class teachers from Argentina, an unbelievable venue, a phenomenal live Tango band, and exciting DJs will make this an event one of the best!
Three Days of Workshops! Learn from and be inspired by our teachers - the Best in Tango.
Four Milongas! From traditional to fusion, our milongas will exhilarate and satisfy your need to dance.
Dancing Until 4am! That's right - tango the night away (there's a reason why we have siestas in the schedule...)
Live Music! ​Dance to the band that teaches the other bands - live music at its best.
Guest DJs! Our... >>>

Fri 27/5-16 - Mon 30/5-16
United Kingdom
The 9th edition of the Edinburgh International Tango Festival offers another wonderful bank holiday weekend of world class artists and many hours of warm, friendly dancing set in a beautiful city.

At the heart of the Festival is the Summer Ball, a grand event featuring the highly acclaimed La Juan D’Arienzo. Three evening milongas in our traditional halls and relaxed matinée tango cafés will fill your dancing weekend from Friday evening to the small hours of Tuesday morning. Each evening features a show from our guest artists, while talented international DJs will keep your feet moving even after you thought you could dance no more.

You can also enjoy over 20 workshops (from complete beginners right through to master classes) taught by some of the world’s best tango maestros. This year includes a special... >>>

Fri 27/5-16 - Sun 29/5-16
The 6th edition of TOKYO TANGO MARATHON is coming back in the year 2016.

International artists, DJs, and dancers are joining from all over the world to celebrate for three days in the heart of Asian Tango city, Tokyo Japan.

The program details will be informed at the following... >>>

Fri 27/5-16 - Sun 29/5-16
Suzdal is the real gem of the Golden Ring of Russia, and the fantastic apartments of a “Best Western Nikolaevsky Posad Art hotel” are waiting for you!

– night and day milongas with the best DJ’s
– amazing, perfect wooden... >>>

Sat 28/5-16 - Mon 30/5-16
United Kingdom
UK's biggest tango Festival. Top line up of exclusive international teachers, bands, DJ's. 2 late night milongas. Accommodation available on site. Stunning countryside location.

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