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May - 2015

Sat 23/5-15 - Sun 24/5-15
Tango Meeting Caserta
21|24 May 2015
In the wonderful Campania Felix

Workshops with International teachers:
Sebastian... >>>

Sat 23/5-15 - Mon 25/5-15
The 3th edition of the Barcelona Blue Moon Tango Marathon will be held on 22,23 and 24 May in the city of Barcelona,

This spring edition will take place in our studio in the Gracia district, one of the most central, popular and charismatic districts of Barcelona, full of life both night and day, with plenty of restaurants of many different nationalities, shop , music bars, hotels , hostels, East transportation by metro and bus lines links it to the rest of the... >>>

Sat 23/5-15 - Mon 25/5-15
Save the date - great venues, fantastic millings, some of the world best artists and exceptional DJ's are awaiting you.

Sat 23/5-15 - Mon 25/5-15
United Kingdom
The 8th edition of the Edinburgh International Tango Festival will offer another wonderful bank holiday weekend of world class artists and many hours of warm and friendly dancing set in a beautiful city.

At the heart of the Festival is the Summer Ball, a grand event featuring live music from Silbando. Three evening milongas in our traditional hall and relaxed matinée tango cafés will fill your dancing weekend from Friday evening to the small hours of Tuesday morning. Each evening features a show from our guest artists, while talented international DJs will keep your feet moving even after you... >>>

Sat 23/5-15 - Mon 25/5-15
United Kingdom
UK's biggest tango Festival. Top line up of exclusive international teachers, bands, DJ's. 2 late night milongas. Accommodation available on site. Stunning countryside location.

Mon 25/5-15
EMBRACE BERLIN TangoCommunityFestival (>English >Espanol >Francais >Türkçe >Russian >Greek)
WILLKOMMEN BEI EMBRACE! Vom 19. bis 25. Mai 2015 laden wir zum EMBRACE BERLIN TangoCommunityFestival ein!
Getanzt wird von Dienstag bis Montag (fast) rund um die Uhr in mehr als 25 lokalen Milongas, Tango Cafés, Praktikas, Workshops, After-Work Milongas, Tangonächten und After-Hours.
Dabei kooperieren Tänzer, Veranstalter, DJs, Schulen, Lehrer, Musiker, Künstler und Kulturschaffende. Wir wollen vor allem eines: TANGO RUND UM DIE UHR! Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Dancer: Horacio Godoy & Cecilia Berra, Diego “El Pajaro” Riemer & Natalia Cristobal Rivé, Bruno Tombari & Rocio Lequio, Candela Ramos & Adrián Luppi DJs: Analia LaRubia (Rosario), Marion Dulieux (Paris), Horacio Godoy (Buenos Aires),... >>>

Wed 27/5-15 - Sun 31/5-15
With the continuing collaboration of the Embassy of Argentina
to the United Arab Emirates we are happy to announce the

7th Dubai Tango Festival dates MAY 27-31, 2015

Come and enjoy a unique and... >>>

Thu 28/5-15 - Sun 31/5-15
El Huracan 2015. What awaits us all this year?

Registration for the marathon starts on February 9 at 11AM Moscow time on the official El Huracan website
We will be happy to see both - familiar names and new... >>>

Fri 29/5-15 - Sun 31/5-15
From 29 to May 31, 2015 Genoa becomes Capital of the great worldwide Tango, ideal theatre of a journey that will lead the audience in the intense atmosphere of a fascinating and varied cultural universe, masterfully expressed by its greatest protagonists of dance, music, song and theatre.
An original proposal, created with the world's most famous interpreters of this discipline, where Opera, Film and Tangotheatre Stars meet each other for the first time together to unveil deep dynamics of artistic connections whose common language is tango, in its shared connection with the audience.
Three days full of Tango, 9 hours of dance practice with Pablo Veron, the greatest Teacher and dancer in the world and with "Los Guardiola", the creators of Tangotheatre who will turn their students into protagonists of the show.
30 hours of afternoon and evening milongas with pairs of Tj chosen for the ability of involvement of the dancers thanks to their always extraordinary music, for an event in the historic heart of the City that will make you discover the poetic liberty aspect of Genoa.
The... >>>

Fri 29/5-15, Tue 2/6-15
4th International Edition
29 May - 2 June 2015... >>>

Fri 29/5-15, Tue 2/6-15
8° Apulia Tango Festival Bari - Italy
8° Apulia Tango Festival.................. Bari (Italy) 29/05 -02/06/15
“il tango dell'abbraccio”,
il tango delle emozioni, il tango dell’eleganza,
il tango dell'essere e non dell'apparire, il... >>>

Fri 29/5-15, Tue 2/6-15
8° Apulia Tango Festival.................. Bari (Italy) 29/05 -02/06/15
“il tango dell'abbraccio”,
il tango delle emozioni, il tango dell’eleganza,
il tango dell'essere e non dell'apparire, il... >>>

Fri 29/5-15, Tue 2/6-15
Much more than a traditional tango festival

Slovenia - Portorose

A gorgeous location very close to Trieste Italy


Fri 29/5-15, Tue 2/6-15
P.I.T.F. Portorose International Tango Festival
The biggest International Tango Festival by Tango è Vita....

Much more than a traditional tango festival in a gorgeous location very close to Trieste (Italy)


Fri 29/5-15 - Sun 31/5-15
3rd Sofia Tango Festival
29 May – 31 May, 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Tango Friends,
Bulgaria Tango Association is happy to invite... >>>

Sat 30/5-15, Mon 1/6-15 - Sat 6/6-15
Cothmannstraße 9
Vienna, March 18th 2015
Dear Tangueros,
We are a professional couple in Argentinean Tango and have reached a world level - please take a look at our Curriculum Vitae and pictures & videos on our... >>>

Sat 30/5-15 - Tue 2/6-15
Surrounded by the splendor of the Dolomites of Fiemme Valley, surrounded by nature, the sun and the clear, fresh and pure air, Elemento Tango organizes:


A Festival lasting 4 days on the Italian... >>>


June - 2015

Wed 3/6-15 - Sun 7/6-15
13th Edition of Lisbon´s International Tango Festival
03 – 07 June 2015.
5 days of pure pleasure...
More than 40 Hours of dancing
5 Amazing Milongas until sun rises
2 Magnificent Stage Shows
Performances... >>>

Wed 3/6-15, Sun 7/6-15
„Meertango“ on the Baltic Sea from 3rd till 7th of June at Castle Noer on the Baltic Sea

Daily lessons, Practica and Milonga

"Castle Noer", a little beauty spot on the Baltic Sea, located between Kiel and Eckernförde, sounds far away but is actually only one hour by car from Hamburg and always worth a journey.
The castle is situated in a beautiful park and only a few hundred meters from the beach.
All that sounds already lovely, but when Tango is involved it gets even better.
The daily lessons will... >>>

Wed 3/6-15 - Sun 7/6-15
12th edition! Featuring 3 amazing couples of Maestros: Gustavo Naveira y Giselle, Anne, Fabian Salas y Lola Diaz and Joe Corbata y Locila Cionci
Seminar, workshops, conference and milongas

Thu 4/6-15 - Mon 8/6-15
53 hours of tango - you can totally plunge into tango, this we can guarantee!

A great DJ team of 11 wonderful DJs and dancers from all over the world. Already with us our beloved - Tugba Tanoren (Sweden), Peppe Di Gennaro (Italy, Naples), Vladimir Vereschagin (Moscow), Catherine Neacat... >>>

Thu 4/6-15
The 5th edition of Tokyo Tango Marathon 2015 will be held between 11-14 June at the heart of Tokyo, Japan.

Fri 5/6-15 - Sun 7/6-15
Tango Project Freiburg invites you to *FESTIVALITO in my arms* from 5th to 7th June 2015 in... >>>

Fri 5/6-15 - Sun 7/6-15

The Tango Feasts have become some of the most popular tango events in the UK.

Tango Feast is a unique event, for those who like dancing non-stop, it seems like an... >>>

Fri 5/6-15 - Sun 7/6-15
United Kingdom
A pleasure for all of us, Carlitos y Noelia will be teaching at Tango Feast for first time for which we are creating a new programme.
Also, Fernando y Stania will be teaching too.

Tango Feast Summer, will be at Victoria Hotel, a 3 start hotel, with 3... >>>

Fri 5/6-15 - Sun 7/6-15
United Kingdom
International tango festival and competition in London. From 5th to 7th june 2015, a 3-day event including :

The international tango festival : with workshops, performances, and social dancing - 3 Milongas at 2 outstanding halls (over 400 square meters of a marvellous smooth wooden) in the heart of London.

The only Official Argentine Tango Competition in the UK. Open to UK residents and from Portugal, Spain,... >>>

Tue 9/6-15 - Tue 16/6-15
Dear friends!

Welcome to the XIV edition of the «White Nights Tango» International Festival, which will be held in St. Petersburg on June 11-14, 2015.
The festival program includes classes, milongas, concerts, exhibitions, grand... >>>

Thu 11/6-15 - Mon 15/6-15
The tango festival with the best view in the world!
Dancing tango with 360° seaview!

From 11 till 14th June we will organize the third edition of Festivalitodelmar!

More info... >>>

Thu 11/6-15 - Sun 14/6-15
Pisa Tango Festival - 2nd Edition
11-14 JUNE 2015

You can dance the afternoon in the heart of the city, enjoy the performances of great artists in a beautiful... >>>

Thu 11/6-15 - Sun 14/6-15
11th Annual Toronto Tango Festival
June 11-14, 2015

Join dancers from around the world and indulge yourself in this four-day celebration of... >>>

Thu 11/6-15, Mon 15/6-15

Wciąż niezaspokojony ilością tangowych wydarzeń w Stolicy? Tęsknisz... >>>

Thu 11/6-15, Sun 14/6-15
Istanbul Tango Fiesta with Gabriel Misse, Analia Centurion, Andres Laza Moreno,
Dear Tangueros,

The vision of ISTANBUL TANGO FiESTA (11-14 June 2015) is to focus on Quality rather than Quantity.

As such we strive to create a Milonga environment similar to the Traditional Milongas in Buenos Aires with its set up,... >>>

Fri 12/6-15 - Sun 14/6-15
Summer tango with Murat Erdemsel and Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh, June 12th-14th 2015
Kristiansand, Norway

We are happy to welcome you to a beautiful tango weekend with
Murat Erdemsel and Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh in Krisitiansand, Norway,
June... >>>

Fri 12/6-15 - Sun 14/6-15
Tango Meeting focused in the quality of musicalization, through taking advantage of the best skills of performing musical selection by the guest DJs, both alone and all together (DJ Challenge). Symposium talks about orchestras and DJing are also offered to learn something more about tango music, in terms of different orchestras, styles, etc.

Thu 18/6-15 - Sun 21/6-15
United States
The New Orleans Tango Festival is back after a spectacular first year! Featuring world-class tango professionals from Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and the USA and four hot DJs, the 2015 festival will include 24 workshops, 4 milongas (tango dance parties) with New Orleans themes and... >>>

Thu 18/6-15 - Sun 21/6-15
Czech Republic
Meet both the sunrise and the sun set at the Charles Bridge!
Dance as the sun comes up and goes down over St. Vitus, on Summer Solstice, when all the alchemical formulae of Prague have been ignited!

MARATHON - dance 20 hours a day
FESTIVAL - galas ala Alchemie, live music, shows
PLANET TANGO - 24 hour global milonga benefit!!!

Thu 18/6-15 - Sun 21/6-15
Very special Tango Salon weekend "Calesita Ideal" (18-21 June) with one of leading young couples of Villa Urquiza (tango salon) style.

From last year's experience we can tell, that learning from Andres & Luciana makes a difference in your tango.
See last year experience:... >>>

Fri 19/6-15 - Sun 21/6-15
United Kingdom
Belfast Tango society is delighted to launch TITANGO 2015 FESTIVAL. 19th 20th and 21st of June. Our programme of 19 workshops 3 Milongas performances and Tango café at our purpose built dance venue in the heart of Belfast promises to be fun and friendly. We have great pleasure in... >>>

Fri 19/6-15 - Sun 21/6-15
Have you ever danced in Bratislava, Slovakia? Join the tango marathon in the capital of party – Partyslava :)
1st International Bratislava Tango Party is welcoming you between 19 – 21 June 2015.

More than 33 hours of dancing, amazing wooden ‘pista’ in a special venue, gender-balanced participants, party-masters DJs, live orchestra – El Cachivache Quinteto, addicted maratangueros/as, stretching mornings with yoga and gyrokinesis, surprises, fairy-tale atmosphere of Bratislava, ufo bridge, man-at-work, paparazzo, free guided city tour, beautiful lakes in the town, Turquoise shoes, Tango Natural Fashion, La Sastresa fashion, Handmade by Lukyka Accessories, Tangolon Trousers, warm people and more and more and more…

Fri 19/6-15 - Sun 21/6-15
Iasi Festivalito Verano 2nd Edition
Dear tango lovers everywhere, is approaching when our soul project "Atelierul de Tango" is celebrating her one year old.

On this occasion we will have as special guests LOUKAS BALOKAS Y GEORGIA PRISKOU (ATHENS/GREECE)

Loukas Balokas and Georgia Proiskou took their first tango class in 2000. Since then and until today, their life is bound to this dance. They are considered to... >>>

Sat's 20/6-15 - 28/6-15
Homenaje a Carlos Gardel en el año Gardeliano en Sabadell.
Conciertos, exhibiciones, clases, milongas...

Sun 21/6-15 - Sun 28/6-15
United States
With an artistic faculty that includes some of the most outstanding tango musicians and educators active today, a rigorous curriculum developed in conjunction with the authors of the Metodo de Tango book series, and world-class facilities for music education and performance, Tango For Musicians at Reed College is North America’s leading tango workshop for musicians, providing the tools needed to play, arrange, compose, improvise, and teach this rich and diverse musical form.

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