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September - 2014

Sun 21/9-14
Tango en Punta is 1 festival connecting 2 continents. Tango en Punta after 2 editions in Punta del este, Uruguay, had its first edition in Bregenz, Austria. 3 days of pure tango with stars from the international... >>>

Fri 19/9-14 - Sun 21/9-14
“II International Trieste Tango Festival”
Tango, pasión sin fronteras...
18th, 19th, 20th & 21th September 2014

Fri 19/9-14 - Sun 21/9-14
Baila Tango’s traditional Bodrum Camp continues to combine tango, fun and holiday with a... >>>

Fri 19/9-14 - Sun 21/9-14
Essential Tango
Un week end di tango e mare, dalla stessa organizzazione curata e attenta del Festival del Tango di Sanremo, che per quest’anno sceglie una dimensione più essenziale, per venire incontro ai tangueri che amano il tango di alta qualità anche in tempi di crisi.
Abbiamo tolto i fronzoli, per poter abbassare i costi e offrire a tutti una proposta artistica alta e la possibilità di una vacanza al mare della Liguria, nell’ultimo scampolo d’estate, con il Maestro di Tango più conosciuto al mondo, con noi ormai da tre anni, Pablo Veron che dopo il regalo dell’anteprima del 2013 di “Millenium Tango Concert” all’Ariston, quest’anno propone al nostro gruppo ormai affezionato lezioni tutte nuove, ancora una volta in anteprima per chi ci segue sempre con affetto e incoraggiamento. Venerdì sabato e domenica lezioni pomeridiane con Pablo livello... >>>

Fri 19/9-14 - Sun 21/9-14
Essential Tango
A week-end full of tango and sea, by the same careful and attentive organization by “Festival del tango di Sanremo”, which for this year is choosing a more essential dimension, to make meet all the “tangueros” who love the high quality tango even in times of crisis. We removed the frills, in order to offer lower costs and offer to everyone a high artistic proposal and the possibility of a beach holiday in Liguria, on the last remnant of summer, with the most famous tango teacher worldwide, with us for three years now, Pablo Veron, that after the preview gift on 2013 of "Millennium Tango Concert" at Ariston theatre, this year is proposing to our group, -already affected- brand new lessons, once again a preview for those who follow us always with affection and encouragement.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon classes with Pablo intermediate level 2 and advanced.
Together with us the usual friends as: Diego El Gringo, Mati Tango Dj... >>>

Fri 19/9-14 - Sun 21/9-14
World of Tango Festival is an international culture festival that takes place in the city of Tampere in Finland. The festival is held every year in September.

Workshops and milongas are held this year during September 18th-21st.

Maestros: Ney Melo & Melina Mistral (US/CA), Pasi & Maria Laurén (FI), Carina Quiroga (AR) & Arttu Artkoski (FI)

DJ's: DJ Daniela Feilcke-Wolff... >>>

Fri 19/9-14 - Sun 21/9-14
United Kingdom

Exclusive tango weekend at this magnificent Grade I listed building in its own 65 acres of ground of woodlands and lakes, New... >>>

Fri 19/9-14 - Sun 21/9-14
XVII. Ball Tango Argentino & Festival
19. - 21.September 2014
Hist. Stadthalle Wuppertal... >>>

Thu 25/9-14 - Sun 28/9-14
The yearly Icelandic tango festival now occurs in September. A small but energetic festival, full of volcanic activity! It will take place from September 25–28, a beautiful time of year in Iceland. Three days of intensive workshops, practicas, and milongas await everyone involved. This year we are proud to announce the participation of acclaimed tango teachers, Cecilia Gonzalez & Jean Sebastien Rampazzi form Buenos Aires and Bryndís Halldórsdóttir & Hany Hadaya from Copenhagen. The festival DJ will be Lene Oskaria Stengaard from Denmark.

Thu 25/9-14 - Sun 28/9-14
The biggest Tango Salon event in Europe, Fourth Edition

Fabián Peralta and Josefina Bermudez Avila
Sebastián Achával and Roxana Suárez
Sebastián Jimenez and María Inés Bogado
Juan Martin Carrara and... >>>

Fri 26/9-14 - Sun 28/9-14
Colegiala Tango Marathon
Coming soon


October - 2014

Wed 1/10-14 - Sat 4/10-14
Four days dancing Tango in front of the sea in Barcelona!!
Wednesday and Thuersday from 10am to 10pm. Friday and Saturday from 10am to 2am
Tango Workshops/Workshops of Improvisation and Movement/Private Lessons/Beginners Classes
Friday and Saturday milongas from 10pm to 2am!
Milongas:... >>>

Thu 2/10-14 - Sun 5/10-14
Dear Tango-Friends!
We will be very glad to see you all at the Kiev International Tango Festival on October... >>>

Thu 2/10-14 - Sun 5/10-14
TaoTango Retreat
2-5 October 2014, Veckenstedt (DE)

• 15+ hours workshops to explore the Tao in Tango
• bed and food... >>>

Thu 2/10-14 - Sun 5/10-14
Thuringia has become with its famous forest and Rennsteig to the "Green Heart of Germany". In the diverse culture of this country also the Argentine tango has found a place more and more . The desire of all tango initiators is to reach more and more people, especially the youth. This is the... >>>

Thu 2/10-14 - Sun 5/10-14
Czech Republic
Alchemie in a new season this Autumn, to dance in all the ways we love:
Marathon-style days
Milonga nights (galas ala Alchemie)
Close-embrace afterparties

DJs: Analia "La Rubia", Francesco Fra, Stefan OK, Jens-Ingo Brodesser, Gaia... >>>

Fri 3/10-14 - Sun 5/10-14
United States
Hosted by Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne.

3 days of awesome classes, milongas and performances in beautiful Boulder, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

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Fri 3/10-14 - Sun 5/10-14
A'mareTango European meeting in Tirrenia (Pisa, Italy): sea, beach, tango workshop, milongas, smiles, hugs and fun

A'mareTango meeting 3-5 Ottobre 2014, Tirrenia, Pisa, Italy - dancers/teachers : Daniel Aranda y Annatina Luck - Tdjs: Lucio Gobbo and... >>>

Wed 8/10-14 - Mon 13/10-14
Los Sueños proudly presents :

The Asia largest Tango festival you have been waiting for!

2nd Singapore International Tango Festival , 8th-12th... >>>

Thu 16/10-14 - Sun 19/10-14
Welcome to a colourful autumn in Halle (Germany)! The "11th Hallesche Tangotage" is an international Festival where dancers from Europe meet in a relaxed and inspiring sourrounding and enjoy four days of intensive tango-dancing!

Maestros: Michelle &... >>>

Fri 17/10-14 - Mon 20/10-14
United Kingdom
This is a great opportunity, to enjoy the autumn, dancing Tango in superb set up. Everything will happen in one place, Beverley Park

Tango Feast is a unique event, for those who like dancing non-stop it seems like an "encuentro" or marathon, from the morning till the end of... >>>

Fri 17/10-14 - Sun 19/10-14
3 days of tango in Aix en Provence (south of France, 24h of dance...

3 jours à Aix en Provence de tango, vals et milonga avec 3 couples de maestros, 12 stages, 3 milongas avec démonstrations des maestros, 24h de bal, 6 DJs de grande qualité.

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