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November - 2015

Sat 28/11-15 - Sun 29/11-15
The festival will be launched with a gala dinner opening ceremony with breathtaking dance shows in the magnificent Dusit Thani Lake view Hotel from our spectacular Tango stars.

Through 40 hours of intensive workshops, the secrets of Tango and its powerful spells will be revealed to you by our mighty Tango wizards.

Our expert Tango DJs “Kadir Unay” from Turkey and “Ilias Selalmazidis” from Greece, will be playing their magical selections of music and songs, every night, to indulge you in a total different treat while dancing on a spacious professional dance floor set in one of the most prestigious... >>>

Sat 28/11-15 - Sun 29/11-15
Spannende Workshops bieten die Lehrern Catalina und Tomás neben Tango auch für Lindy Hop. Live-Musik präsentieren wir mit dem Duo Cosae Mandinga.

Catalina und Tomás Lotte aus Bremen betreiben seit über 10 Jahren ihre eigenen Tanzstudios in Bremen und Oldenburg. Sie haben sich spezialisiert auf Tango und Swing / Lindy Hop ( Unser Angebot richtet sich an alle Tanzbegeisterten. Die Tangokurse setzen an Mittelstufe an. Die Kurse im Lindy Hop sind für alle, auch tänzerische Neulinge, geeignet. Die Unterrichtssprache ist natürlich deutsch.

Sat 28/11-15
3rd International Tango Festival Doha 2015
3rd International Tango Festival
27th Nov 2015 Friday

Happening in Doha InterContinental Doha The City

Live Music by Best Tango Musicians in Doha... >>>


December - 2015

Tue's 1/12-15 - 8/12-15
United States
Imagine 15 Tangomasters Argentine tango classes for the price of 10! Starting September 1, you can take the following 3 five-week foundational class series back-to-back for 30% off:

Basic Principles of Argentine Tango
Musical Movement I for Argentine Tango
Musical Movement II for Argentine Tango

Total cost is $160 for 15 weeks. To take advantage of this deal, see and use the adjacent groupon.

to read more about each class series:... >>>

Thu 10/12-15 - Mon 14/12-15
When Christmas and New Year are that close and all the streets are decorated and everyone is waiting for some miracle or at least counting days till holidays, it is right time to create that miracle yourselves and go explore the world.
We invite you 10-14 December 2015 to come to frozen and sparkling Saint-Petersburg and share passionate tandas at 12 lessons... >>>

Fri 11/12-15 - Sun 13/12-15
The biggest Tango Mission of the year: SOFIA | DEC. 11-13

The undercover... >>>

Fri 11/12-15 - Sun 13/12-15
The biggest Tango Mission of the year: SOFIA | DEC. 11-13

The undercover tango organization X is recruiting Tango addicts, traveling tangueros and... >>>

Fri 11/12-15 - Sun 13/12-15
Christmas Edition !

all Milonga Paket 50,- pre sale till 1.12... >>>

Sun 27/12-15 - Sun 3/1-16
Dutch International Tangoweek
The Dutch International Tangoweek gives you the unique opportunity to dance on the most beautiful places in The Netherlands. Our program will be available soon. If you want to be the first to know, subscribe to our newsletter in our website:

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