TangoSafari Brody 2017 - the special Tangofestival in castle Brody Poland

Explore Tango - discover your body through Pilates & Yogilates - check out Contactimprovisation & learn to dance Swing | >14 Teachers, over 100 Workshops - 9 days of dancing, feasting, playing and sunning - in Poland at a nice castle

We will be gathering at the castle in Brody, which is about two hours southeast of Berlin, in order to engage ourselves with Tango as main discipline combined with Pilates & Yoga as well as Feldenkrais. As special discipline you will have the oportunity of get to know the basics of Swing-dance and we will discover the relation of Contact and Tango.

The expansive grounds will provide us with the necessary inspiration leading to diverse and exciting methods of self-discovery. Kids and families are very welcome, there will be a kidsguard, workshops for kidsdance and a lot of interesting offers for younger and older children.

We are still working on the detailed program, but we can promise you that also in 2017 you can expect a wonderful team of international teachers and an interesting programm. Further details about the competent and friendly team, the location, the program and booking options can be found on www.tangosafari.de/en

Prices & Booking options:
Package 1: 9 days, Friday 22.7. - Sunday 30.7.2017: 415 €
Package 2: 5 days, Friday 22.7. - Wednesday 27.7.2017: 270 €
Package 3: 4 days, Wednesday 27.7. - Sunday 30.7.2017: 230 €
Dayticket - from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.next day: 70 €

What is included in a package:
New! Workshop latrate included - The workshops are included in the price (you can freely choose and customize your own program from about 15 workshops daily).
The daily Milonga or Ball including the daily Praktika
The participation in complementary services such as concerts, shows & performances as well as film, games, etc.
and for sure the stay at the festival site
Accomodation & meals (brunch and dinner) are not included in package prices (prices see below)

Board and lodging is to be payed for separately at the venue:
16,50 €/person/night – basic fee for meals (brunch & dinner) and accomodation in tent, dormitory or camper.
Other accomodation options are available (double room, ...)

Travel costs are not included, but we are happy to help in planning your trip.

For questions turns you to us:
Katharina Meier, +49 176 61244273
Ulrich Struhk, +49 30 66779216, +49 176 96763431
Mail: info@tangosafari.de
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