2017 CHE LONDON Tango Festival

Fri 28/4-17 - Mon 1/5-17
United Kingdom
Welcome to the 3rd edition of CHE London Tango Festival!

Join the 2017 edition of CHE LONDON Tango festival, a 4-day superb tango event offering 25 workshops from 8 teaching couples, 4 evening milongas, and much more in the English capital. 50+ hours of dancing during the 4 days of the festival!

CHE's lineup:
- Cristina Sosa & Daniel Nacucchio (world champions 2008)
- Marina Marquez and Martin Ojeda
- Maria Tsiatsiani & Leandro Palou
- Magdalena Valdez & Roberto Zuccarino
- Nati & Bruno Rodriguez
- Kim & David Benitez
- Miriam Orcutt & Dante Culcuy
- Tara Pilbrow & Ivan Arandia

Milongas starting on Friday 28.04, 7pm to 5am, a ball on Saturday evening, a milonga on Sunday evening and the closing event on Monday evening.

More information: http://www.tanguito.co.uk/londontangofestival

LOCATION: United Kingdom, London - 277A Upper street, Islington, LONDON N1 2TZ

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