The preparation of the second TODOS TANGO FESTIVAL begun right after the encore of the first one ! The love and enthusiasm we gathered from all our guests and all participants, filled us with strength and a strong appetite, as at the same time it entrusted us to continue better, bigger and stronger ! Here we are, renewing our date and announcing
TODOS TANGO FESTIVAL CORFU 2017, 14 to 20 of June under the auspices of the Municipality of Corfu and the Argentinian embassy.
This year, it is our honour to welcome for the second time in our festival, the great Miguel Angel Zotto with Daiana Guspero, for the first time the extraordinaire maestros Sebastian Missé y Andrea Reyero and a big surprise... the fusion of a greek and an Argentinean dancer, Kostas Nikolaidis meeting the great Stella Missé ! All three couples will perform seminars enriched with women’s techniques and of course, will offer exceptional, unmissable exhibitions at the Gala Milongas. However, we can’t reveal everything just yet ..! Stay tuned to take advantage of our promotional offers and be informed of the festival’s news and updates.
The renewed Messonghi Beach Hotel, offers us it’s deluxe rooms and opens it’s doors for us once again ! June’s cool breeze, cools down the fiery tango nights in the island of Corfu and summer has bagun
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