Tango Cazino

International Tango Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 9-13th of August 2017

"We thought of organising the Tango Cazino Festival because a major event such as this one is perfect for promoting tango dancing; the venue also matches perfectly: a place filled with history, a true symbol of Cluj-Napoca, a palace that has been renovated and turned into an urban culture centre. Once a year, tango dancers from Romania and from all over the world gather in our city and enjoy several days of pure tango-fun. During the 4 days you get to spend with us, you will have the chance not only to acquire and fine-tune the basic tango movements, but also to learn new ones that will take your dancing to a whole new level. For those of you who want to do nothing else but dance, we have added to the regular night-milongas, the day-milongas, we thought we could all enjoy the beautiful weather and dance outside; therefore some of the day-milongas will be open air. Besides being great dancers and exceptional teachers, our guests are also very special people, who pay a lot of attention to the social-dancing aspect of tango. This motivates them into becoming better dancers and motivates us into joining them." ( http://tangocazino.ro/)
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