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April - 2020

Fri 10/4-20 - Mon 13/4-20
Welcome to "RED RABBIT" Roma Neotango Marathon! 4 days and nights, full of tango, smiles and unique moments.
This year we will be in a venue near the centre (in the main university area) with... >>>

Wed 22/4-20 - Sun 26/4-20
Great maestros, 5 days and 5 nights: milongas, workshops, other activities.
PORTO - 22 to 26 APRIL - 2020
Ruben Veliz / Sabrina Veliz
Sebastian Achával / Roxana Suarez
Joe Corbata / Lucila Cionci
Fernando Jorge / Alexandra Baldaque

Sat 25/4-20
An unforgettable journey to the roots of tango, to Buenos Aires, over the Easter holidays 2020 is awaiting you. With some of the greatest names in tango: the maestros Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games as well as Juan Amaya and Valentina Garnier, and with the tango pioneers and organizers of Siempre Tango Carlo Sansour and Brigitte Albert, very experienced supervisors are on site to take care of you. They will ensure that everything runs smoothly. We made the trip in the years 2018 and 2019 and all the participants were enthusiastic.

Every day lessons with the maestros Gabriel Angio and... >>>

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