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3 days of Good Tango, Live Music, hospitality, delicious food, Salento in South of Italy.
5a edition!


Taboe2Be is the 'sister' of the well-known Taboe Tango Camps with the same spirit but with more space and with a more intimate group of max. 60 dancers.

Our main intension is to create a joyous tango space to refresh, meet, create and be 4-5 days in... >>>


Tango Holiday in Italy with Filippo Avignonesi
Relaxing Tango week with Filippo Avignonesi and Anny Yegorova

Filippo Avignonesi, originally from Rome, Italy, is now based in Berlin and Moscow. He has been teaching and performing for over 18 years around the world. He has worked together with dancers such as Alejandra Mantiñan, Alejandra Gutty, Candela Ramos, Yulia Yukhina, Emilia Cerutti, Eliana Sanchez, Francesca del Buono, Valencia Batiuk, Anna Maria Ferrara, Natalia Ochoa and several other accomplished dancers. Since 2016 he is partnering with the new Russian talent Anna Yegorova.

In Buenos Aires he learnt from... >>>


The next edition of Trasnochando, which will take place from Thursday 29 March till Monday 2 April 2018. The excitement of uniting dancing guests, maestros, djs, designers, from around the globe together around a common love for argentine tango, is sure to be a source of great inspiration to all of us!

Our vision is to resurrect the excitement of the Golden Age of tango. This period, where tango music, dancing and social customs reached their common peak, entraps both of us in total fascination. Sharing this excitement with so many tango lovers during the 5 days and nights of Trasnochando, is our driving passion.

Highlights of this edition include a... >>>


On Easter weekend, dancing tango and experiencing a wonderful time! From March 30th to April 2nd, with TEMPO DI TANGO, in the enchanting town of Siena, in Tuscany, one of the destinations that tourists from all over the world prefer, for its famous Palio but also for its unequaled artistic and architectural beauties. The 4-star Garden Hotel will welcome you with elegance and... >>>


Volcano Tango Encuentro
The hottest tango Encuentro in Europe.

A relaxing and energizing mixed of nature, yoga and tango for your best Easter holiday!

Four days of full tango: 3 afternoon milongas, 4 night milongas and 3 after party milongas... >>>


Maestros: Neri Piliu & Yanina Quinones, Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon, Utku Kuley & İris Dogdu, Ilgın Tetikcan & Murat Elmadağlı
Every day lessons with maestros Neri & Yanina and Jonathan & Clarisa


El Abrazo de Riga * La Primavera 2018 * Festivalito de Tango
Dear EL ABRAZO DE RIGA friends!

We are happy and excited to announce the next - Spring 2018 edition of our Festivalito - EL ABRAZO DE RIGA * LA PRIMAVERA 2018 *... >>>


May - 2019

Tue 14/5-19 - Mon 20/5-19
Spring 2019: 2nd Edition Thursday 16 May - Wednesday 22 May

We invite you to beautiful Sitia in Crete (Greece)... >>>


United Kingdom
1 Sept - Championship Registration Open
15 Nov to 1 Dec - Festival Passes Early Bird
1 Dec - Workshops Registrations Open

5 Milongas in the stunning Porchester Hall, with wooden sprung dance floor, in an all encompassing venue hosting both the festival and the championship.
25 hours of... >>>


United States
Spice up your Spring with hot social tango dancing in Chicago. This weekend, the first year for the Chicago Tango Festival, will provide you with a unique opportunity to share your love of tango, meet new people and celebrate Spring in Chicago.

The primary curriculum, featuring primarily esteemed milonguero or social dancing style instructors from Buenos Aires, is designed with the experienced dancer in mind. A separate curriculum for the more novice dancer is also available.



Where Malaysian Hospitality meets the Passion of Buenos Aires

The 11th Kuala Lumpur Tango Festival, 12 - 15th April, 2018, will deliver Malaysian Hospitality at its warmest & best. Our hand on our HEARTS!
Perennial favourites, Bruno and Rocio, return to Kuala Lumpur to share with us their passion, expertise, exquisite timing and musicality.... >>>


Spring tango festival in northern Sweden: 5 milongas, 3 workshops, 4 semi-private lessons, 5 private lessons, shows, and lots of food.


One big festival for all level of tangueros,with musicians, excelent DJs , Teachers from Argentina, and a warm ambience where you can enjoy fTANGO AND FRIENDSHIP


Tango Experiential Festival
Tango Experiential Festival!
10-15, July 2018, Fuzine, Croatia
The second-year edition of the neo Tango Experiential Festival (TEF) is dedicated to - the Five Elements.
It is said that the whole world is composed of 5 elements. Everything there is, is a dance, a game, of Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and all-connecting and ever-present, Spirit. Everything, including you, exists as a result of their infinite combinations. You cannot escape them – as you ARE them.
​This is why the TEF 2018 is dedicated to them. They will be... >>>


Great maestros, 5 days and 5 nights: milongas, workshops, other activities.
PORTO - APRIL - 2018
Ruben Veliz / Sabrina Veliz
Virginia Pandolfi / Jonathan Aguero
Jonathan Saavedra / Clarisa Aragón
Fernando Jorge / Alexandra Baldaque


On April 19-23, Tango Academy will hold a second international tango event - Black Sea Tango Festival - Tbilisi (BeSTFest - Tbilisi) 2018. Master classes and shows of the world-known maestros, first tango theater performance in Georgia and milongas (tango evenings) led by DJs from different countries will be held in the framework of the festival attended by the lovers of the dance from more than 26 countries.


April - 2019

Thu 18/4-19 - Sun 21/4-19
Un festival en un paraiso natural rodeados de mar y montaña.

4 dias de tango en un Hotel en la playa El Sardinero, una de las mas bonitas de la peninsula Iberica para abrazarse y disfrutar con milongueros de todo el mundo con tango... >>>


From 20 to 22 April there will be Salonissimo 2018. The artists who will enliven the Festival will be the champions of the world of tango salón 2008 Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa. The champion of the world of tango salón 2013 Maximiliano Cristiani with Karina Colmeiro. The Italian Champions of 2016 Julio Alvarez. Classes all days, milongas with shows all nights.


5 days full of tango!!
*Tango Workshops
*Workshop of Movement
*Beginners... >>>


12. Bonner Tangofestival
Tangofestival in Bonn - 4 days - 4 orchestras - 4 DJs



• 3 days and nights of traditional Tango music
• Excellent and international experienced DJs
• Local, national, European and international dancers
• We guarantee an equal number of leaders and followers
• Limited number of invited guests
• We will be dancing in the NachtKantine a wonderful location with perfect wooden floor, professional soundsystem and... >>>

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